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The 7th Sense: a healing experience

Ashley Sno

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I AM (4) The Cure (3) Life. Is. Good. (1) Just Breathe. (2) Choose Love (ft. SoLuvHipHop) (5)

Enjoy the journey! Presented by Ashley Sno, Johnny Lloyd, GE Studios, & Ambrosia Worldwide Publishing Group. Musical Production by

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The 7th Sense Story

On November 20, 2020 it dawned on me with certainty that I must create a 5 song project to help soothe, calm, heal, and transmute the heavier energies of 2020. I can't say that the year was particularly difficult for me. Actually, after the previous 10 years, 2020 didn't seem so bad at all. It was honestly a pretty good year for me and several of the people I know. That doesn't take away from the fact that many of us struggled with 2020 and all of the unprecedented events. I can't deny that I had my days, too. Those days mingled with all the memories of all the days that left me feeling empty and broken. I was able to observe the feelings instead of becoming them this time though. Ultimately, the journey led me to create "the 7th Sense: a healing experience".

As I gave myself over fully to this process, I realized that I didn't want or need to stop with the 5 songs. I realized that the 5 songs represented something happening inside of me. These songs weren't like any other songs I've made. I realized that this music was designed to become apart of me. These songs are messages from my higher self. The 7th Sense is a powerful reminder to (2) Just Breathe because (1) Life. Is. Good. When I (5) Choose Love, (3) I AM (4) The Cure. There's so many ways one could move these titles around to create powerfully meaningful affirmations. These are not just songs. These are affirmations to live by. These are vibes to carry in your heart and soul. Like all of the music on my website, "the 7th Sense" is master tuned to the frequency of 432hz.

November 20, 2020 was not the day I decided to start making healing music. It was not the day I began my healing journey. It was not the day I started using my voice to help others. I've been doing all these things for almost 20 years. November 20, 2020 was the day that I decided it was finally time to step from behind the curtain and out of the shadows of myself into a world that certainly needs my creations, my stories, my heart, my passion, my love, and my energy. That was the day I shifted. I wrote three songs that night and another the next night. I had already recorded "Choose Love" ft. SoLuvHipHop and realized it fit the project perfectly. In a little over 24 hours, the project had come together in my mind completely. The following weekend I recorded the songs in about 4 hours with my longtime engineer, Velour. After the songs were finished, I realized that my work was only beginning.

It was now time to write a book. Nothing crazy. I just needed to stay intentional about witnessing and healing the unrecognized parts of myself. So, I began writing to myself in chapters titled, "The Dark Side of the Light: A Journal of Hard Lessons". I don't usually share such private and personal thoughts but this was for the greater good. I released the book on the same day as the music. The audio book will soon follow. Then, I'll write another book. I don't know if there is an end to what I've begun here with "the 7th Sense". It awakened something dormant within me and I hope it does the same for you.

Collab w/ @Still_Alchemy